Customised Furniture in NZ

Furniture - Your Guide To Building A Better Personal Style

Your home is a reflection of your truest self. Every element of your interior decor, be it the mighty sofa defining the whole structure of your living room, or just the tiny bedside table, all culminate to build your house to be the masterpiece you dream of living in! And, if every one of us is beautifully unique, why should off-the-rack furniture be the only option for us to choose from?

We at Elegant Furniture encapsulate the Danish design concept and create luxury decor pieces that bring the touch of your soul to your home’s design. We are about helping you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget, and lifestyle.

Customised NZ Made Headboard

Why Elegant Furniture?

When customising your furniture, selecting the correct company to bring your vision to fruition is very important. Without the expertise needed to breathe life into your dream designs, your home would not look as spectacular and royal as you deserve!

At Elegant Furniture, we are the home to talented artisans who have spent years mastering their craft and are best suited to design your desired decor pieces! Add to that the pride of filling up your home with furniture curated with locally sourced materials and built in the lap of national pride. What more could you possibly ask for?! We'd like you to bring your desired personalisation to us and watch us design your dream into an exquisite existence.

Customised NZ Made Headboards and Bedroom Furniture

3-4 Steps To Customise Your Furniture With Us

Now, there are times when you might fall in love with the furniture as you come across it in our catalogue or on the display panel. However, we also know that, sometimes, a little bit of customisation is necessary to bring the flair of personal touch to your home décor.

That’s when you need to know that there is an entire line of unseen possibilities behind everything you see. And Elegant Furniture is what makes all those possibilities a tangible reality! Follow these simple steps to fill your home with custom-made furniture from us!

Customised Lounge Suites NZ Made - Elegant Furniture

Select Designs You Love

The first step to welcoming pieces of pure finesse into your home is selecting the designs your heart loves. Be it any of the stunning pieces we created that you love or any design you can’t resist, save it and bring it to us as a reference. A visual reference of what your heart is seeking is all we need to make it a reality!

Customised Furniture New Zealand

Measuring Away Confusion

Now, step two is to determine if the piece of furniture you have selected fits the demands of your home. If you face any confusion regarding the measurement process, visit us and let our design experts walk you through every step – thereby negating any chances of measurement issues.

Custom Furniture Colour Options - Elegant Furniture

The Final Intricacies

The last, albeit the most important step on your part, is to select the colours, fabrics, and other tiny intricacies that come together to make the piece of furniture truly personalised for you. If you have any questions about taking the big decisions, please drop in at Elegant Furniture and let our style experts guide you through the process!

Buttoned Suede Custom Headboard

Sit Back and Relax

After you have ticked all the boxes of what you need to do, sit back and relax. We will bring together the best designers and craftsmen to curate the furniture of your fantasy!