Bedside Solutions with a Blend of Style and Functionality

Organise your night-time essentials, keep them easily accessible, and simultaneously add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Choose from the best collection of bedside tables and chest of drawers in NZ. Build an aesthetic sweet spot right by the bed while capitalising on the organisational potential of the best bedside tables in NZ.

Bedroom Styling with the best Bedside Tables in NZ

Add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom with the sleek, minimalist, bedside tables by Elegant furniture. Choose from various options to find the perfect fit for your overall bedroom decor.

A bedside table shapes the aesthetics of your bedroom while also giving you storage and organisation space. It’s going to be there for a while and have a palpable positive impact on your daily life. Hence, it’s better to go for the best.

Browse through our vibrant collection of wooden bedside furniture. Whether you are fond of contemporary and trendy designs or are attracted to the warm and cosy element of old-school pieces, we have something to pique your fancy. You can also get your bedside table customised to fit your specific needs.

Choose from the best chests of drawers in New Zealand

A chest of drawers should combine storage facility, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. We at Elegant Furniture focus on creating a perfect blend of all these aspects in every chest of drawers we manufacture.

Whether you are looking for a small two-drawer chest or a classic tall boy complete with six drawers of various sizes, we have it all in store. With our varied range of tones, textures, and design schemes you’ll easily find the best match for your bed’s headboard. And you can always get custom designs tailor-made for you.