Collection: DOUBLE BEDS

A double bed provides enough space to have a comfortable night’s sleep and is ideal for two people. Our double beds are available in a wide range of styles, traditional to modern, so you are sure to find the right one for your home. If you are looking for a double bed size that will give you the comfort and style you desire, then you will find what you are looking for in our range.

Improve your sleeping comfort with our double bed mattresses NZ. Every mattress is made to offer the best support and comfort to the user, thus guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. No matter whether you like firm, medium or soft feel of the mattress, we have something for you.

For those who require additional space, there are double beds with storage options available. These beds provide practical ways to store your items in the bedroom so that there is no clutter and yet the room is utilized to the maximum.

We also have a range of low cost double beds and double bed mattresses for those who are operating under a tight budget but would still want to get a good quality product. Check out our collection of double bed for sale and get the best prices on the best beds and mattresses.

Find the right double bed and mattress NZ at Elegant Furniture. Come to our store or shop online now to get the best prices on double beds, kids’ double beds, double beds with drawers, and double bed and mattress packages. Discover the best quality and comfort of our double beds that we offer for our clients.